·Harmonious business environment     Creative tolerance world 
·Company benefit in accordance with     social benefit
·Personal capability in accordance with     company benefit
·Personal value in accordance with     personal capability


Quality Specifications:

  ·Brand strategy implementation,     regulatory management, strict process     and provide high quality engineering     and service  

In terms of application technology: strengthen application technology service, establish application technology service center, establish application service system, ensure that product R&D and application technology can be continuously and effectively developed, ensure that there are enough skilled application technicians, and ensure that the coverage of application technology can reach all regions of the country in a timely and accurate manner.

In terms of sustainable development: scientific and technological innovation, sustainable development, based on domestic and looking overseas. Strengthen scientific and technological research and development, innovate products, adopt the company's new technology, occupy local resources, comprehensively utilize and turn waste into products, occupy the domestic market as soon as possible, strive to become bigger and stronger, become a domestic leading enterprise, and then gradually develop to Southeast Asia and other overseas countries.


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