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Water Solutions—Potable Water
    1、Raw Water Treatment Solutions—the pollutants of raw water are from cities, industries, agricultural activities etc. All potentially dangerous substances are dissolved, suspended or as pathogenic microorganisms. All particles used to carry a negative net-charge at natural occuring pH-levels. The purpose of chemical treatment is to neutralize the particles’ charge and cause aggregation-chemical coagulation. And then those negative net-charged pollutants reduced consequently. The traditional inorganic coagulants are aluminium and iron salts. Organic coagulants, such as polydadmacs and polyamines, can be used for the same purpose either by their own or combination usage with inorganic coagulant. Heda Water Solutions Co., Ltd. is solutions provider according to raw water quality and proper choice on chemicals to reduce different type of pollutants.
    2、Sludge Treatment—dewatering of sludge from drinking water treatment is achieved by means of press-filtration, sludge thickening or centrifuging. The proper choice on flocculants (organic polymers) would be sufficient on improving sludge dewatering performance. The flocculants developed by Lanjie would be supportive to reach the performance on sludge treatment.

Water Solutions—Municipal Waster Water Treatment
    1、Nutrient Removal—phosphorus and nitrogen removal,the combination of Chemical and bio technology is solution to municipal waste water treatment. The solution developed for nutrient removal by Lanjie pioneerly applied on municipal waste water treatment in the upper regions of Three Gauge Project and qualified by experts’ team for promotion on municipal sewage treatment.
    2、Bulking sludge and foam control—foam and bulking sludge are formed in biological tanks, secondary sedimentation basins, aerobic or anaerobic digests, dewatering facilities or treated effluent. It was caused by filamentous bacteria to reduce performance, health and safety risks. The chemicals and control solutions for bulking and foam sludge developed by Lanjie and Heda is quite effective on performance improvement.
    3、Sludge Treatment—the problems of sludge treatment are the same all over the world as high costs of manpower, equipment and energy as well as environmental debate. The chemicals solution plays key role on effective sludge conditioning and dewatering. The flocculants developed by Lanjie and Heda proved as one of the most effective products and solutions.
    4、Odour and corrosion control—H2S is arising from long distance transportation of waste water and anaerobic procedure-toxic and undesired odour. It is easy to be transformed into sulphuric acid which is corrosive and would create higher safety risk and maintenance cost. The common methods are to keep aerobic condition in sewage or transform hydrogen sulphide into metal sulphide. The chemicals and solutions developed by Heda proved quite effective on odour and corrosion control.
    5.Special industrial wastewater treatment: Printing,dyeing wastewater decoloration and COD degradation; Electroplating wastewater COD degradation and phosphorus removal; Chemical wastewater COD Degradation and phosphorus removal. 
    6. Special wastewater heavy metal removal.


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